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My father taught me the value of hard work and reaching goals. By example he showed me the importance of treating people right and standing up for what is right. Along with being a business owner since my teens, my background has been in the building trades. Working for myself has taught me the value of being a self starter. I have learned to never give up. It has also taught me to be adaptable. In fact, over the years I have been willing to learn additional skills and take training when necessary. This has allowed me to expand my business and be professional.

It is our promise to be diligent, trustworthy and keep our word. So, we cannot and will not do unethical or illegal work or acts for any reason. Most of all, we know that our future depends on treating others the way we would like to be treated. Further, we strive to find vendors, service providers and clients that have the same outlook and way of doing business. – Call David and Tracy Schulz Today!

Naples Florida Luxury Golf

There are over 90 golf courses in the Naples area to choose from. For many golfers that provides many options and diversity for their golf game. However there are special offerings for a luxury golf resort buyer. Some of the communities mentioned earlier are world class resorts with accredited golf courses and on staff professionals. Call David and Tracy Schulz for your Naples Florida Luxury Golf Homes Search- 239-682-5800!

Some communities are set in a golf course or golf courses, but do not require golf course membership. These are resort communities like Fiddler’s Creek or Lely Resort. In these communities, you are usually required to join the resort amenities. However, the golf and other amenities like a beach or boat club may be optional.

We can help you to determine some options that will suit your needs. We will talk with you about your wishes for your new home and recommend community amenities which can be taken into consideration to propose a short list for you. We can set up a search to show you what is for sale in certain communities. We can also prepare a community tour and meeting with the developers or builders when you are ready.

The amenities in each community vary and we offer private tours to Naples home buyers. Each home buyer should have the exclusive time and attention of their agent. David and Tracy Schulz specialize in providing service beyond your expectations. We are here to help with any questions you may have. Visit our Naples FL Luxury Real Estate Search Website to search for your Naples Home. Call David and Tracy Schulz for your Naples Florida Luxury Golf Homes Search- 239-682-5800!


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