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Raffia Preserve New Home Sales

RaffiaRaffia Preserve New Home Sales Preserve New Home Sales Community Representative Suzi Ulrich Loewel sent a testimonial for David Schulz. First of all, Suzi commented on David Schulz Raffia Preserve New Home Sales work with New Home Buyers. While observing David and Tracy Schulz work, she had some nice things to say.

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Raffia Preserve New Home Sales

David and Tracy Schulz specialize in working in Naples resort communities and communities with amenities. We help buyers to search out and work through the home buying process. Below are some comments from a professional that has observed us as we work with our Raffia Preserve New Home Sales customers.


It was great seeing you today at Raffia. Congratulations on your sale!! WCI does appreciate your clients and you…

I meant what I said about the integrity and professionalism that you and Tracy have always portrayed. Over the years  as an onsite agent at Lely I have watched the two of you work with other onsite  Stock agents and your clients. I have had a great respect for both of you.

I have to be honest with you, I always wished that I would have been the agent you chose to work with at Lely. The two of you are a class act. You build the relationship, the trust, honesty and work hard for your clients. If I were looking for an agent to work with, you and Tracy would be exactly what I would want. Your clients are very lucky to have your on their side.

I hope you continue to have a great selling season.



Suzi Ulrich Loewel
Community Representative
Raffia Preserve Sales

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