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Lely Lakoya Luxury Home Buyer

Lely Lakoya Luxury Home BuyerPlease see below a Lely Lakoya Luxury Home Buyer testimonial from Tom and Monica Morrison-

Tom said – “We met David and had some interest in a home in the Naples area but we really had no idea where we wanted to go. In one day he showed up several properties and even stepped us back through several of the properties that we had looked at and liked and we pretty much decided that this was just what we want. I was really impressed with the skill and ability to dig out of us what it is that we’re looking for.”

Monica said – “…I like having a representative from Lely the subdivision here in addition to David because then we could ask questions of them and rely on David to fill in the gaps for us. I thought that was really helpful.”

Tom said – “We signed a contract to buy and went back to Nebraska and didn’t come back in until the house was ready to close. And so during that time David sent us weekly videos 5 to 7 minutes long showing us the progress. By the time the two or three months were up, why we were looking forward to that. If David would miss it by a day, why we would have to call him and say Dave are you going to send us those videos?… That was really good and it was very helpful and it kept us plugged in to the process. We appreciated the quality of construction and we have to give David credit for introducing us to the folks from Lely. He did an excellent job in representing Stock well and sharing with us. If we had any questions we would call or email and David helped to make sure things were going well.”

Lely Lakoya Luxury Home Buyer


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